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Invitation To A Celebration Of Love & Beauty

Indian art forms are a celebration of love, strength and compassion, a festival of energy and beauty, an aesthetic message of the divine.

Every love story within the Indian mythology reflects the divine play of existence.

Those artists who become messengers of the divine energy touch our hearts.

The characters of a play, who engage themselves with heart and mind to achieve their goal, find themselves in the end as the heroes or victims of a message of love that rewards the good in his life and gives salvation to the bad in his death but ultimately transcends the worldliness of our being and aspirations into a longing for the ultimate.

Today’s performance will present examples of this strength of Indian art forms.

Kalamandalam Eswaran Unni with his dedication and outstanding talent for improvisation, who had been trained by the master of poetic rhythm, P.K. Narayanan Nambiar, will enthral us again with a Mizhavu Thayambaka, this incomparable festival of rhythm, sound and energy.

Margi Sathi, an outstanding Nangiar Koothu and Kutiyattam artist who had the rare honour to perform in Paris before a specially invited assembly of more than 500 guests from all over the world to mark Kutiyattam as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, will guide us into the world of love and imagination.
She will present an episode from the Sree Ramacharitham, the Sita Swayamvaram.
The heroes are Rama, the embodiment of all the good characters and Sita, according to the legend created by the illusion of Gods, the epitome of perfection and beauty and innocence, the reflection of Rama’s soul.

occasion: auspicious
date: Sunday, 23-11-2008
time: 5.00 pm
location: Nalukkettu, former Alakkattu Mana, Perumpillissery/Cherpu


'audiopharmaceutical travel agent' Genetic druGs, our friend Norbert Stolz, a traveler between cultures and Radio Multikulti Cyberjam DJ   has recorded the Mizhavu Thyambaka of Eswaran Unni & group. Use the 'download' link or let us know if you prefer that we send you a copy of the DVD.

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